Backing Up and Recovering Notification Services

As with any database application, backing up Notification Services data is an important administrative task. A well-implemented backup-and-restore strategy protects databases against data loss due to damage from a variety of causes. With proper backups, you can quickly recover your notification applications after media failures, hardware failures, user errors, and catastrophic events.

To fully recover an instance of Notification Services, you need backups of databases that contain instance and application data, the instance configuration, application definitions, subscription management interfaces, custom components, and any other operational files required by your applications.

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Backing Up Notification Services Databases and Operational Files

Describes what you must back up and have available in order to recover instances of Notification Services.

Exporting Notification Services Instance and Application Metadata

Describes how to create an instance configuration file (ICF) and application definition files (ADFs) by exporting metadata from instance and application databases.

Recovering Instances of Notification Services

Describes how to recover instances of Notification Services.

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