Lesson 2: Setting Up Connection Information

After you add a report to the Tutorial project, you need to define one data source that provides data to your report. In Reporting Services, data that you use in reports is contained in a dataset. A dataset includes a pointer to a data source and the query to be used by a report.

In this tutorial, you will use the AdventureWorks sample database as your data source. This tutorial assumes that this database is located in the default instance of SQL Server Database Engine installed on your local computer.

To set up a connection

  1. In the Data tab, expand the contents of the Dataset drop-down list at the top of the page, and select New Dataset. The Data Source dialog box appears.

  2. In Name, type AdventureWorks.

  3. In Type, select Microsoft SQL Server.

  4. In Connection string, type the following:

    Data source=(local); initial catalog=AdventureWorks

    This connection string assumes that Business Intelligence Development Studio, the report server, and the AdventureWorks database are all installed on the local computer and that you have permission to logon to the AdventureWorks database.

    If you are using SQL Server 2005 Express Edition with Advanced Services or a named instance, the connection string must include instance information:

    Data source=localhost\SQLEXPRESS; initial catalog=AdventureWorks

    For more information about connection strings, see Connecting to a Data Source and Data Source (General Tab, Report Designer).

  5. Click OK. AdventureWorks is added to the DataSets pane.

The following diagram illustrates the Data Source dialog box used for specifying a connection to a data source.

Data Source dialog box

Next Task

You have successfully defined a connection to the AdventureWorks sample database. Next, you will create the report. See Lesson 3: Defining a Query for the Report.

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