Creating a Sequence Clustering Mining Model Structure (Data Mining Tutorial)

The first step in creating a sequence clustering scenario is to use the Data Mining Wizard to create a new mining structure. In this task you will use the wizard to create a mining structure and initial associated mining model that are based on the Microsoft Sequence Clustering algorithm.

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Data Mining Wizard, Data Mining Designer, Microsoft Sequence Clustering Algorithm

To create a sequence clustering mining structure

  1. In Solution Explorer in Business Intelligence Development Studio, right-click Mining Structures and select New Mining Structure.

    The Data Mining Wizard opens.

  2. On the Welcome to the Data Mining Wizard page, click Next.

  3. On the Select the Definition Method page, select From existing relational database or data warehouse, and then click Next.

  4. On the Select the Data Mining Technique page, under Which data mining technique do you want to use?, select Microsoft Sequence Clustering, and then click Next.

    The Select Data Source View page appears. By default, Adventure Works DW is selected under Available data source views.

  5. Click Next.

  6. On the Specify Table Types page, select the Case check box next to the vAssocSeqOrders table, and select the Nested check box next to the vAssocSeqLineItems table. Click Next.


    The nested table, vAssocSeqLineItems, must be connected to the case table, vAssocSeqOrders, by a many-to-one join. If an error occurs when you select the Case or Nested check boxes, it may be that the join in the data source view is not correct. You must modify the data source view so that the join line extends from the nested table to the case table. For more information, see Modifying a Data Source View (Data Mining Tutorial). You can also edit the relationship by right-clicking on the join line and reversing the direction of the join. For more information about how to edit relationships in a data source view, see Create/Edit Relationship Dialog Box (SSAS).

  7. On the Specify the Training Data page, specify how each column should be used by checking the boxes as follows:

    CustomerKey : Do not use

  8. On the Specify Columns' Content and Data Type page, verify that the conten types have been set for each column as follows:

    OrderNumber : Key, Text

    Click Next.

  9. On the Completing the Wizard page, in Mining structure name, type Sequence Clustering.

  10. In Mining model name, type Sequence Clustering, and then click Finish.

    Data Mining Designer opens to display the Sequence Clustering mining structure you just created.

Processing the Mining Model

You do not have to make any changes to the mining model structure or mining model in Data Mining Designer before you process the sequence clustering model.

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Processing Data Mining Objects

To process the mining model

  1. On the Mining Model menu of Business Intelligence Development Studio, select Process Mining Structure and All Models.

    The Process Mining Structure - Sequence Clustering dialog box opens.

  2. Click Run.

    The Process Progress dialog box opens to display information about model processing. Model processing might take some time, depending on your computer.

  3. After processing is complete, click Close in the Process Progress and Process Mining Structure - Sequence Clustering dialog boxes.

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