Tutorial: Creating a Data-Driven Subscription

Reporting Services provides data-driven subscriptions so that you can customize the distribution of a report based on dynamic subscriber data. Data-driven subscriptions are intended for the following kinds of scenarios:

  • Distributing reports to a large recipient pool whose membership may change from one distribution to the next. For example, distribute a monthly report to all current customers.
  • Distributing reports to a specific group of recipients based on predefined criteria. For example, send a sales performance report to the top ten sales managers in an organization.

What You Will Learn

This tutorial shows you how to use data-driven subscriptions using a simple example to illustrate the concepts.

This tutorial is divided into three lessons:


Data-driven subscriptions are typically created and maintained by report server administrators. The ability to create data-driven subscriptions requires expertise in building queries, knowledge of data sources that contain subscriber data, and elevated permissions on a report server.

Your system must have the following installed to use this tutorial:

  • Evaluation, Developer, or Enterprise Edition of SQL Server 2005. Support for data-driven subscriptions is not available in Standard, Workgroup, or SQL Server Express Editions. For more information, see Features Supported by the Editions of SQL Server 2005.

  • The report server must be running in native mode.

  • SQL Server Agent service must be running.

  • A report that includes parameters. This tutorial assumes the sample report, Employee Sales Summary. This report is included in the AdventureWorks sample reports. To define a data-driven subscription for this report, the report must be configured to use stored credentials when accessing its data source.


    The easiest way to publish all of the sample reports to a report server is to deploy the report sample solution (AdventureWorks Sample Reports.sln) from Business Intelligence Development Studio. For more information, see AdventureWorks Report Samples.

  • The AdventureWorks sample database, which provides data to the sample report.

  • A role assignment that includes the Manage all subscriptions task on the sample report. This task is required for defining a data-driven subscription. If you are an administrator on the computer, the default role assignment for local administrators provides the permissions necessary for creating data-driven subscriptions. For more information, see Managing Permissions and Security for Reporting Services.

  • A shared folder for which you have write permissions. The shared folder must be accessible over a network connection. For more information, see How to: Create a Shared Folder for Report Server File Share Delivery.

Estimated time to complete the tutorial: 30 minutes


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