Analysis Services Event Provider

The Analysis Services event provider facilitates monitoring an Analysis Services cube. You can use the Analysis Services event provider to submit events based on a multidimensional expression (MDX) query to a Notification Services application.

This event provider is a standard component that is implemented within microsoft.sqlserver.notificationservices.dll. It runs as a hosted, scheduled event provider. Each invocation of the event provider maps a two-dimensional result set returned by an MDX query into Notification Services events and stores the events directly in the event table.

A typical scenario for the Analysis Services event provider is the ability to monitor key performance indicators (KPIs) and then send custom KPI notifications to subscribed users.

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MDX Queries for Notification Services

Describes how MDX queries return event data for a Notification Services application.

Defining the Analysis Services Event Provider

Documents the properties and attributes of the Analysis Services event provider.

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