Usage Scenarios for Notification Services

Notification Services can be used for a wide variety of applications. The following scenarios provide examples of how you might use notification applications.

Consumer Applications

Notification Services can send notifications to customers:

  • A brokerage firm sends stock and fund prices based on customer-defined criteria. The notification contains a link that enables the customer to buy or sell shares.
  • A financial institution sends low-balance or payment due notifications to the subscriber's preferred device, such as e-mail.
  • An airline sends information about flight arrivals and delayed departures.
  • A real estate agent sends listings that match a client's criteria for a new home.

Line of Business Applications

Notification Services can monitor business data:

  • Your customer relations management (CRM) system, responding to a customer requiring immediate attention, sends a customer request to the account manager.

Operational Applications

Notification Services can send notifications about company operations:

  • When a machine on an assembly line needs attention, the assembly line manager receives a notification about which machine is down and what the error is.
  • When a production server's event log receives a critical error, the on-call support technician receives a notification that contains the error message.

Business Intelligence Applications

Notification Services can track critical company data:

  • A database maintains the current inventory of all a company's products. When the inventory of network cards in the South East region drops below 50, an application receives a notification telling the application to send an order for more network cards.

Employee Communication

Notification Services can inform employees about their projects:

  • You and a co-worker are collaborating on an important proposal. When she updates the proposal, you receive a notification.
  • You are working on a new product and need to keep informed of product-related research. When a new report is available from the corporate library, you receive an e-mail that contains a link to the report.

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