Monitoring Notification Services Performance and Activity

When notification applications are running, it is important to monitor their status and performance. You must make sure that events are arriving and that notifications are being generated and distributed. Monitoring performance enables you to observe application status and to determine whether the current system configuration is adequate for the volume of events and notifications being processed.

Microsoft SQL Server Notification Services provides performance objects that report on the status of components, applications, and instances, and performance reports that help you analyze the current and historical performance of your instances and applications. You also can use SQL Server utilities to monitor the databases used by Notification Services.

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Choosing Monitoring Tools

Lists the monitoring tools and provides guidance on when to use each tool.

Tips for Evaluating Performance

Describes recommended practices for monitoring Notification Services.

Notification Services Performance Objects

Documents the performance objects available in Notification Services.

Using Performance Logs and Alerts

Explains how to use performance counter logs and alerts to monitor Notification Services applications.

Notification Services Performance Reports

Describes the reports available in Notification Services and explains how to use the reports to analyze performance.

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