Developing a Custom Event Provider

Notification Services provides three standard event providers to help you develop applications rapidly. However, if you want to gather event data from data sources that the standard event providers do not monitor, or you might need to tailor the event data to meet particular application requirements, you can develop a custom event provider.

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Topic Description

Custom Event Providers

Describes the types of custom event providers and the APIs they can use to submit events.

Developing Hosted Event Providers

Describes the interfaces for developing an event provider to be hosted by Notification Services.

Developing Non-Hosted Event Providers

Describes considerations for developing event providers that run independently of Notification Services.

Using the Managed Event Submission API

Describes how to submit individual event objects to a Notification Services application.

Using the XML Event Loader API

Describes how to submit XML data as events for a Notification Services application.

Using Event Submission Stored Procedures

Describes how to use the event-submission stored procedures to submit event data to a Notification Services application.

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