Managing Subscription Data

The Subscription and SubscriptionEnumeration classes provide a way to enter, update, and delete subscriptions. These classes are provided by the Notification Services API, and can be found in the Microsoft.SqlServer.NotificationServices namespace.

Your subscription management interface allows subscribers to create subscriptions for individual subscription classes. It also can allow subscribers to select the subscriber device for the subscription. In the subscription management API, the Subscription class has methods for adding, updating, and deleting individual subscriptions. It also has properties that allow you (or the subscriber) enable or disable individual subscriptions.

Notification Services supports several types of subscriptions. A subscription class can have event-driven rules and scheduled rules. Individual rules can support simple parameter-based subscriptions, or can support condition actions, which allow users to create their own search conditions for generating notifications. The Subscription class properties differ based on the type of subscription:

The Subscription class has additional properties and methods you can use to manage subscription data.

The SubscriptionEnumeration class represents the set of subscriptions for a given subscriber in a Notification Services application. You can select a specific subscription record by supplying its subscription ID to the indexer of a SubscriptionEnumeration object.

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Topic Description

Creating a Subscription Object

Shows how to create a subscriber object.

Adding a Subscription

Shows how to add a subscription to a Notification Services application.

Updating a Subscription

Shows how to update an existing subscription record.

Deleting a Subscription

Shows how to delete a subscription from a Notification Services application.

Getting Subscription Field Information

Shows how to retrieve field data for a subscription.

Populating a Subscriber Locale List

Shows how to list the supported subscriber devices for a subscriber.

Populating a Time Zone List

Shows how to list the supported time zones for the application.

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