ATAN (SQL Server Compact Edition)

Returns the angle in radians whose tangent is the given float expression. Also referred to as arctangent.


ATAN ( float_expression )


  • float_expression
    An expression of the type float, or of types that can be implicitly converted to float.

Return Value



The following example returns the arctangent of the tangent of various angles.

CREATE TABLE Atangent ("TAN(0)" float, "TAN(PI()/6)" float, "TAN(PI()/4)" float, "TAN(PI()/3)" float, "TAN(PI()/2)" float)
INSERT INTO Atangent VALUES (TAN(0), TAN(PI()/6), TAN(PI()/4), TAN(PI()/3), TAN(PI()/2))
SELECT ATAN("TAN(0)"), ATAN("TAN(PI()/6)"), ATAN("TAN(PI()/4)"), ATAN("TAN(PI()/3)"), ATAN("TAN(PI()/2)")
FROM Atangent