SQL Reference (SQL Server Compact Edition)

Microsoft SQL Server 2005 Compact Edition (SQL Server Compact Edition) includesTransact-SQL grammar that you can use to query a database and to insert, update, and delete data in tables in a database. The topics in this section describe Transact-SQL grammar and the items listed in the following table.


SQL Server Compact Edition supports only the Transact-SQL grammar documented in this section. SQL Reference for SQL Server Compact Edition is a subset of Transact-SQL for SQL Server 2005.

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SQL syntax conventions and query elements

SQL Overview (SQL Server Compact Edition)

Data types

Data Types


Functions (SQL Server Compact Edition)

Information schema views

Information Schema (SQL Server Compact Edition)


Operators (SQL Server Compact Edition)

Reserved words

Reserved Words (SQL Server Compact Edition)

SQL Server Compact Edition also includes SQL Server Compact Edition Query Analyzer, a tool you can use to query tables in a database. For more information, see SQL Server Compact Edition Query Analyzer.

The examples in the reference topics are not case sensitive. For more information about SQL grammar and Transact-SQL usage and examples, see SQL Server Books Online.