ASIN (SQL Server Compact Edition)

Returns the angle, in radians, whose sine is the given float expression. Also referred to as arcsine.


ASIN ( float_expression ) 


  • float_expression
    An expression of the type float, or of types that can be implicitly converted to float, with a value from -1 through 1. Values outside this range return a domain error.

Return Value



The following example returns the arcsine of the sine of various angles.

CREATE TABLE Asine ("SIN(0)" float, "SIN(PI()/6)" float, "SIN(PI()/4)" float, "SIN(PI()/3)" float, "SIN(PI()/2)" float)
INSERT INTO Asine VALUES (SIN(0), SIN(PI()/6), SIN(PI()/4), SIN(PI()/3), SIN(PI()/2))
SELECT ASIN("SIN(0)"), ASIN("SIN(PI()/6)"), ASIN("SIN(PI()/4)"), ASIN("SIN(PI()/3)"), ASIN("SIN(PI()/2)")
FROM Asine