How to: Bind an Attribute to a Name Column

This procedure describes how to bind an attribute to a column in a dimension and configure other attribute properties manually by using the Attributes pane in the Dimension Designer and by using the Object Binding dialog box.

To bind an attribute to a name column

  1. In Dimension Designer, open the dimension in which you want to create the attribute.

  2. On the Attributes pane of the Dimension Structure view, right-click the attribute you want to configure and click Properties.

  3. In the Properties window, locate the KeyColumns property.

  4. Click the browse (...) button that appears in the value cell of the KeyColumns property.

    This opens the DataItem Collection Editor dialog.

  5. To add a binding to an existing attribute, click Add. To remove a binding, select the binding in the Members list and then click Remove.

    When you add a new binding for an attribute, the default name, New Binding,(WChar) is displayed automatically.

  6. To modify the new binding, change the source and data type for the binding by setting the following options in the grid under New Binding, WChar Properties.

  7. Click the browse (…) button that appears in the value cell for the Source property to display the Object Binding dialog box.

  8. In the Binding type box, select Column Binding.

  9. In the Source column list, select the column that the attribute will be bound to, and then click OK.

  10. Set the DataType, DataSize, and other properties as required to match the data in the column.