Analysis Services Event Classes

In SQL Server Profiler, you can use event categories to monitor events in Microsoft SQL Server 2005 Analysis Services (SSAS). Event categories contain event classes that are grouped together within the SQL Server Profiler user interface. These event classes describe each action (event) in Analysis Services. For example, a statement about to be executed against Analysis Services initiates an event with the StatementBefore event class.

An event class may have event subclasses that describe finer levels of categorization. For example, the AggregationAfter event class has two event subclasses: Lazy and Regular. Each event subclass also has several columns associated with that class. The columns describing a trace event are consistent for all events; however, the information recorded in each column may differ depending on the event class. For example, the TextData column records the original DDL for all statement events, but there is no DDL for aggregation events.

You can use some or all trace columns, and select one or more event classes to be traced at the same time. Additionally, you can use filter criteria to selectively trace event classes. For example, you can trace only those events that change a specific cube or only the StatementBefore event class.


SQL Server Profiler generates trace events for only those events to which the profiler is listening.

The following table describes the SQL Server Profiler event categories for Analysis Services and their associated event classes.

Event category Description

Security Audit Event Category

Collection of database audit event classes.

Progress Reports Event Category

Collection of events for progress reporting.

Queries Events Event Category

Collection of events for queries.

Command Events Event Category

Collection of events for commands.

Errors and Warnings Event Category

Collection of error events.

Discover Server State Event Category

Collection of events for server state discover requests.

Discover Events Event Category

Collection of events for discover requests.

Notification Events Event Category

Collection of notification events.

Session Events Event Category

Collection of session events.

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