Specifying Job Responses

Job responses specify actions that the SQL Server Agent service will take after a job completes. Job responses ensure that database administrators know when jobs complete and how frequently they run. Typical job responses include:

  • Notifying the operator by using e-mail, electronic paging, or a net send message.
    Use one of these job responses if the operator must perform a follow-up action. For example, if a backup job completes successfully, the operator must be notified to remove the backup tape and store it in a safe location.
  • Writing an event message to the Microsoft Windows application log.
    You can use this response only for failed jobs.
  • Automatically deleting the job.
    Use this job response if you are certain that you do not need to rerun this job.
To notify an operator of job status
To write job status to the Windows application log
To automatically delete a job
To set the polling interval for target servers

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