Managing Instances of Analysis Services

Microsoft SQL Server 2005 Analysis Services (SSAS) uses some or all the following services:

  • Analysis Services   Each instance of Analysis Services is itself a Microsoft Windows service, and can be managed like any other service.
  • Microsoft SQL Server   Each instance of SQL Server is itself a Microsoft Windows service, and can be managed like any other service.
  • SQL Server Agent   SQL Server Agent is a Microsoft Windows service that makes automating SQL Server tasks possible. Each instance of SQL Server has a separate instance of SQL Server Agent. For more information about SQL Server Agent, see Automating Administrative Tasks (SQL Server Agent).
  • SQL Server Browser   SQL Server is a Microsoft Windows service that includes the Analysis Services redirector service. The Analysis Services redirector service is responsible for directing clients to named instances of Analysis Services. There is only one instance of this service on a computer, regardless of the number of Analysis Services instances.

These support services must be configured and managed so that Analysis Services operates correctly within your environment. To start, stop, pause, or reconfigure any Microsoft Windows service on the computer that is running SQL Server 2005 Analysis Services, the Analysis Services administrator must be a member of the Administrators local group on the computer.,SQL.90).gifSecurity Note:
A member of the Administrators local group controls permissions on the Analysis Services computer and can perform any task on that computer, such as reading the data stored in any Analysis Services instance on the computer.

In This Section

The following topics provide more information about how to manage the Microsoft Windows services used by Analysis Services:

Topic Description

Configuring Services at the Operating System Level

Describes the properties to be configured for use of an Analysis Services instance.

Starting and Stopping Services

Describes when administrators start, pause, or stop an instance of Analysis Services.

Reviewing Service Management Tools

Describes the different ways you can start, pause, or stop an Analysis Services instance.

Setting Server Configuration Properties

Describes how to configure properties for Analysis Services.

Managing Multiple Instances of Analysis Services

Describes the correct use of ports and SQL Server Browser to work with multiple instances of Analysis Services.

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