Managing and Maintaining Analysis Services

Managing an instance of Microsoft SQL Server 2005 Analysis Services (SSAS) consists of managing the Analysis Services service itself, setting Analysis Services configuration properties, managing data storage by using local and remote partitions, backing up and restoring, and ending user activity when needed.

In This Section

The following topics explain the various aspects of managing an instance of Analysis Services:

Topic Description

Managing and Maintaining Analysis Services

Describes the functionality available in SQL Server Management Studio for working with instances of Analysis Services.

Managing Instances of Analysis Services

Describes the techniques that can be used to keep instances of Analysis Services working smoothly.

Managing Analysis Services Partitions

Describes how to manage distributed data in the form of partitions.

Backing Up and Restoring an Analysis Services Database

Describes how to create database backups and how to restore those backups to Analysis Services.

Processing in Analysis Services

Describes the ways in which you can process Analysis Services objects.

Ending User Activity

Describes how to stop user activity in progress.

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