Setting Column Properties on a Mining Structure

You can adjust the properties for a mining structure and for its associated columns and nested tables by using the Mining Structure tab of Data Mining Designer. Properties that you set in this tab are propagated to each mining model that is associated with the structure.

The following table describes the properties that are specific to data mining that you can view or configure in the Mining Structure tab for mining structures. To view or configure these properties, right-click an element in the tree view, for example a column or a nested table, and then click Properties.

Property Description


The name of the column.


The content type of the column.

DiscretizationBucketCount (if the content type is set to Discretized)

The number of buckets in the discretized column.

DiscretizationMethod (if the content type is set to Discretized)

The method that is used to discretize the column.


The data type for the content in the column.


Identifies the column that a classified column describes.


The distribution of content in the column.


Flags whether the column is a key column.


Contains the definition of a column that is the key or is part of the key for an attribute.


Sets additional parameters that are made available by the algorithm.


Identifies the column that provides the name of the parent element.

For more information about these properties, see Mining Structure Columns and Objects (ASSL).

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