Editing Partitions

Cube partitions are managed on the Partitions tab in Cube Designer. The Partitions tab lists the partitions for all of the measure groups in a cube. It also lists the writeback partitions that have writeback enabled.

To view, add, or modify the partitions for any measure group, expand the measure group on the Partitions tab. Partitions for a measure group are listed by ordinal number in a table format with the columns listed in the following table. Settings for a linked measure group must be edited in the source cube.

Column Description

Partition Name

Specifies the name of the partition. To edit the name for a partition, click the cell and type a new name. This edits the Name property for the partition.

A partition name is required to create a valid partition.


Specifies the source table or named query for the partition. To change the source table, click the cell and then click the browse (...) button. If the partition is based on a query, click the browse (...) button to edit the query. This edits the Source property for the partition.

You can specify a table with the same structure as the original source table for the measure group. The source can be in any of the data sources or data source views for the database.


Specifies the aggregation and storage mode for the partition. Clicking the browse (...) button on a cell in this column opens the Aggregation Design Wizard.

This sets the storage properties for the partition and (optionally) designs aggregations. If you design aggregations, this also sets the AggregationDesignPrefix property for the partition.

This setting cannot be changed for a writeback enabled partition.


Specifies an optional description for the partition. This sets the Description property for the partition.

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