Database Engine How-to Topics

The topics in this section provide information about how to perform tasks related to the SQL Server 2005 Database Engine by using SQL Server Management Studio, Transact-SQL, SQL Server Configuration Manager, SQL Server Profiler, command-prompt utilities, and other tools and wizards.

In This Section

Topic Description

Database Creation and Design How-to Topics

How to create databases, database snapshots, and indexes.

Administration How-to Topics

How to manage services, configure availability, back up and restore databases, manage servers and server connectivity, and configure clients.

Automated Administration How-to Topics (SQL Server Management Studio)

How to define jobs and alerts in SQL Server Management Studio.

Automated Administration How-to Topics (Transact-SQL)

How to define jobs and alerts with Transact-SQL stored procedures.

Performance Monitoring and Tuning How-to Topics

How to monitor SQL Server performance and user activity, tune the design of databases for optimal performance, and view query execution plans.

Visual Database Tools How-to Topics

How to use the Visual Database Tools Database Designer, Table and View Designer, and Query Designer.