Full-Text Catalog Properties (Tables/Views Page)

Use this dialog page to view or modify the tables and views that are assigned to the full-text catalog.

  • All eligible table/view objects in this database
    Lists the tables and views that have a unique index defined on them, but are not already a part of the full-text catalog. To select a table or view and assign it to the catalog, select the items in the list box and press the "->" button.
  • Table/view objects assigned to the catalog
    Lists the tables and views that are currently assigned to the full-text catalog

Selected Object Properties

  • Selected object properties
    Displays the properties of the selected object in the list box of objects assigned to the catalog.
  • Unique Index
    Lists the available unique indexes of the table or view.
  • Table is full-text enabled
    Select this check box to enable the full-text index on the table. Clear the check box to disable the full-text index.

Eligible Columns Grid

Available Columns

Displays all the columns that are full-text indexed. Select a check box to add a column to the full-text index.

Language for Word Breaker

Displays the language of the word breaker.

Data Type Column

Lists the name of the column in the table that holds the document type of the column listed in Available Columns if the column is a varbinary(max) or image column.

Track Changes


The full-text index is automatically updated when the data in the underlying table is modified, added, or deleted.


When data is modified, added, or deleted in the indexed data, SQL Server tracks the changes. When Manual change tracking is in effect, the index is not automatically updated with these changes. Instead, an administrator can apply the changes manually by using an ALTER FULLTEXT INDEX ... START UPDATE POPULATION statement.

Do not track change

With this option in effect, changes to the indexed data in the catalog are not recorded. An administrator must build the index by using ALTER FULLTEXT INDEX with either FULL POPULATION or INCREMENTAL POPULATION.

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