Fuzzy Grouping Transformation Editor (Connection Manager Tab)

Use the Connection Manager tab of the Fuzzy Grouping Transformation Editor dialog box to select an existing connection or create a new one.


The server specified by the connection must be running SQL Server 2000 or SQL Server 2005. The Fuzzy Grouping transformation creates temporary data objects in tempdb that may be as large as the full input to the transformation. While the transformation executes, it issues server queries against these temporary objects. This can affect overall server performance.

To learn more about the Fuzzy Grouping transformation, see Fuzzy Grouping Transformation.


  • OLE DB connection manager
    Select an existing OLE DB connection manager by using the list box, or create a new connection by using the New button.
  • New
    Create a new connection by using the Configure OLE DB Connection Manager dialog box.

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