Choose Linked Report Location Page (Report Manager)

Use the Choose Linked Report Location page to select a folder for a new linked report. For example, if you are creating a linked report for a specific group of users, you may want to place the linked report in a folder that contains other reports they use. You must choose a folder that already exists and for which you have permission to add contents.

To open this page, open the New Linked Report page, and then click Change Location.


  • Location
    Specify the name of the folder to contain the linked report you are creating. You can type the full name or use the tree view to navigate to the folder you want to use.
  • Tree view
    Shows the folder structure of report server namespace. Click a folder name to add the full path to the Location field.

    Click the expand (+) and collapse (-) icons in the tree view to open and close folders without adding the folder names to the Location field. To add a folder name to the Location field, click the name of the folder.

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