File Element (XMLA)

Identifies a file to be used by the parent Backup or Restore command, or by the parent Location element.


<Backup> <!-- or one of the elements listed below in the Element Relationships table -->

Element Characteristics

Characteristic Description

Data type and length


Default value



1-1: Required element that occurs once and only once.

Element Relationships

Relationship Element

Parent elements

Backup, Location, Restore

Child elements



The File element contains a UNC file name, and the parent element determines the use of the File element.

For Backup commands, the File element determines the name of the backup file created by the Backup command. If a path is not specified as part of the file name, the path specified in the BackupDir configuration property for the instance of Microsoft SQL Server Analysis Services is used. If the specified file already exists, an error occurs unless the AllowOverwrite element of the parent Backup command is set to True.

For Restore commands, the File element determines the name of the backup file to be restored by the Restore command.

For Location elements, the File element describes a remote backup file for an Analysis Services instance that contains remote partitions. For more information about backing up and restoring remote partitions, see Backing Up, Restoring, and Synchronizing Databases (XMLA).

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