Select a Package

Use the Select a Package dialog box to specify the package from which the Message Queue task can receive messages.

Static Options

  • Location
    Specify the location of the package. This property has the options listed in the following table.

    Value Description

    SQL Server

    Set the location to an instance of SQL Server. Selecting this value displays the dynamic options, Server, Use Windows Authentication, Use SQL Server Authentication, User name, and Password.

    DTSX file

    Set the location to a DTSX file. Selecting this value displays the dynamic option, File name.

Location Dynamic Options

Location = SQL Server

  • Package name
    Select a package that is stored on the specified server.
  • Server
    Provide a server name or select a server from the list.
  • Use Windows Authentication
    Click to use Windows Authentication.
  • Use SQL Server Authentication
    Click to use SQL Server Authentication.
  • User name
    If using SQL Server Authentication, provide a user name to use when logging on to the server.
  • Password
    If using SQL Server Authentication, provide a password.

Location = DTSX file

  • File name
    Provide the path of a package or click the browse button (…) and locate the package.

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