transform noise words Option

Use the transform noise words option to suppress an error message if noise words cause a Boolean operation on a full-text query to fail. This option is useful for full-text queries that use the CONTAINS predicate in which Boolean operations include noise words.

By default, transform noise words is set to 0 and noise words are not transformed. Thus, when noise words in the full-text query cause the operation to fail, Microsoft SQL Server raises a warning, and no rows are returned.


The warning is a run-time warning. Therefore, if the full-text clause in the query is not executed, the warning is not raised.

For a local query, only one warning is raised, even when there are multiple full-text query clauses. For a remote query, the linked server may not relay the error; therefore, the warning may not be raised.

When the transform noise words option is set to 1, SQL Server replaces noise words with the asterisk (*) in phrase queries.


The following example sets transform noise words to 1.

sp_configure 'show advanced options', 1
sp_configure 'transform noise words', 1

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