Tables are objects that contain all the data in SQL Server 2005 databases. Each table represents a type of object that is meaningful to its users. For example, in the AdventureWorks database there are tables that contain data about employees, inventory, purchase orders, and customers. For more information, see AdventureWorks Data Dictionary.

The topics in this section provide the information to help you understand, design, implement, and work with tables.

In This Section

Topic Description

Understanding Tables

Explains table concepts and includes descriptions and examples of each type of table that is available in SQL Server 2005.

Designing Tables

Provides specific guidelines, rules, and restrictions to consider when you design a table.

Creating and Modifying Tables

Describes the procedures to follow when you create, modify, or delete a table.

Viewing Tables

Explains how to access the data in your tables and how to find other information about tables.