Relational Database Engine Architecture

The topics in this section describe the server component of SQL Server 2005. The server receives SQL statements from clients and performs all the actions required to complete the statements.

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Topic Description

Query Processor Architecture

Describes statement processing, stored procedure execution, query plan caching and reuse, and parallel query processing.

Memory Architecture

Provides information about virtual memory, dynamic memory management, using Address Windowing Extensions (AWE), and the SQL Server memory pool.

Managing Memory for Large Databases

Contains information about specialized memory settings, such as Address Windowing Extensions (AWE) memory, that allow you to take advantage of the latest hardware.

Thread and Task Architecture

Provides information about batch and task scheduling, and thread and fiber execution.

Understanding Non-uniform Memory Access

Describes NUMA and how SQL Server 2005 uses NUMA.

Buffer Management

Describes how SQL Server 2005 uses buffer management to make reading and writing pages highly efficient.

Distributed Query Architecture

Describes how SQL Server 2005 references heterogeneous data sources.

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