Shared Schedules Page (Report Manager)

Use the Shared Schedules page to create, modify, delete, pause, or resume shared schedules. A shared schedule is a named schedule that you can create and manage separately from reports, subscriptions, and other processes that consume schedule information. Users can select shared schedules that you provide.

To delete, pause, or resume a shared schedule, select the check box next to the shared schedule that you want to modify.

To open this page, click Site Settings on the global toolbar, and then click Manage shared schedules.


You cannot create shared schedules in SQL Server 2005 Express Edition with Advanced Services. For more information about feature availability, see Reporting Services in SQL Server 2005 Express Edition with Advanced Services.


  • New Schedule
    Click New Schedule to open the Scheduling page, which is used to specify frequency information.
  • Delete
    Click Delete to remove a shared schedule.
  • Pause
    Click Pause to stop a shared schedule from running temporarily. Pausing a schedule prevents subscriptions and other scheduled processes from running.
  • Resume
    Click Resume to reinstate a shared schedule. Lapsed processes that were scheduled to run while the schedule was paused are not made up.
  • Schedule
    Shows the shared schedules that are currently defined. Click a shared schedule to view or edit frequency information.
  • Creator
    Shows the name of the user who created the shared schedule.
  • Last Run, Next Run
    Shows when the shared schedule was last run and when it will run next.
  • Status
    Shows whether a shared schedule is paused or active.

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