remote admin connections Option

Microsoft SQL Server 2005 provides a dedicated administrator connection (DAC). The DAC lets an administrator access a running server in order to execute diagnostic functions or Transact-SQL statements, or troubleshoot problems on the server, even when the server is locked or running in an abnormal state and not responding to a Database Engine connection. By default, the DAC is only available from a client on the server. Use the remote admin connections option of sp_configure to allow client applications on remote computers to use the DAC.

By default the DAC only listens on the loop-back IP address (, port 1434.

Possible values of the remote admin connections setting:

  • 0 - indicates only local connections are allowed using the DAC
  • 1 - indicates remote connections are allowed using the DAC


The following code enables the DAC from a remote computer.

sp_configure 'remote admin connections', 1;

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