Deploying an Exception Message Box Application

New: 14 April 2006

The exception message box is installed by Microsoft SQL Server 2005 and is supported for use in your custom Windows applications to improve exception handling. In SQL Server 2005 SP1 and later releases, the exception message box is also provided as a redistributable installation program that you can distribute and deploy with your application.

Obtaining the Exception Message Box

Because the exception message box is installed by all editions of SQL Server 2005 except SQL Server Compact Edition, you can use it with no additional configuration on any computer on which SQL Server 2005 client components, including the SDK, have been installed. For applications that run on a computer that does not have these SQL Server 2005 components installed, you should include the redistributable installation program as part of your application Setup program. The redistributable installation program for exception message box is available online as part of the Feature Pack for SQL Server 2005 SP1.

Considerations for Deploying the Exception Message Box

The following considerations apply when you deploy the redistributable version of the exception message box with your application:

  • You must include the exception message box redistributable package (SQLServer2005_EMB.msi) in your application setup.
  • Exception message box resources are installed in the global assembly cache (GAC).
  • The redistributable package is available in all supported SQL Server 2005 languages.
  • The exception message box installation does not appear in Add or Remove Programs. You should plan to uninstall the exception message box when your application is uninstalled.

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