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SQL Server

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Check Catalog Msg ERROR Level LEVEL State STATE: MESSAGE.


DBCC CHECKCATALOG or DBCC CHECKDB found an inconsistency in the system metadata tables for the specified object. That is, there is an inconsistency between the recorded object ID and the object specified in error message.

This error can occur when one or more system tables has been manually updated in a way that creates an inconsistency in the system metadata. For example, a user may have manually deleted an object from the sysobjects table without removing associated rows in other tables such as sysindexes and syscolumns.

This error can occur when running DBCC CHECKDB against a database that has been upgraded from SQL Server 2000 to SQL Server 2005 or later. In SQL Server 2000, DBCC CHECKDB did not include DBCC CHECKCATALOG functionality, so the error would not be caught before upgrade unless DBCC CHECKCATALOG was specifically executed against the database in SQL Server 2000.

You may see any of the following errors in conjunction with error 8992:

Msg 3851 - An invalid row (%ls) was found in the system table sys.%ls%ls.

Msg 3852 - Row (%ls) in sys.%ls%ls does not have a matching row (%ls) in sys.%ls%ls.

3853 - Attribute (%ls) of row (%ls) in sys.%ls%ls does not have a matching row (%ls) in sys.%ls%ls.

3854 - Attribute (%ls) of row (%ls) in sys.%ls%ls has a matching row (%ls) in sys.%ls%ls that is invalid.

3855 - Attribute (%ls) exists without a row (%ls) in sys.%ls%ls.

3856 - Attribute (%ls) exists but should not for row (%ls) in sys.%ls%ls.

3857 - The attribute (%ls) is required but is missing for row (%ls) in sys.%ls%ls.

3858 - The attribute (%ls) of row (%ls) in sys.%ls%ls has an invalid value.

User Action

Drop and Re-create the Specified Object

If possible, drop and recreate the specified object. For example, if the object is a stored procedure or user-defined type, recreating the object may resolve the problem.

Restore from Backup

If the problem is not hardware related and a known clean backup is available, restore the database from the backup. This action is only applicable if the backup does not contain the metadata error.


Not applicable. This error cannot be repaired. If you cannot restore the database from a backup, contact Microsoft Customer Service and Support (CSS).