Lesson 3: Synchronizing the Subscription to the Merge Publication

In this lesson, you will start the Merge Agent to initialize the subscription using SQL Server Management Studio. You also use this procedure to synchronize with the Publisher. This lesson requires that you have completed the previous lesson, Lesson 2: Creating a Subscription to the Merge Publication.

To start synchronization and initialize the subscription

  1. Connect to the Subscriber in SQL Server Management Studio, expand the server node, and then expand the Replication folder.

  2. In the Local Subscriptions folder, right-click the subscription in the SalesOrdersReplica database, and then click View Synchronization Status.

  3. Click Start to initialize the subscription.

Next Steps

You have successfully run the Merge Agent to start synchronization and initialize the subscription. You can also insert, update, or delete data in the SalesOrderHeader or SalesOrderDetail tables at the Publisher or Subscriber, repeat this procedure when network connectivity is available to synchronize data between the Publisher and the Subscriber, and then query the SalesOrderHeader or SalesOrderDetail tables at the other server to view the replicated changes.

This completes the Replicating Data with Mobile Clients tutorial. For a similar tutorial that uses transactional replication, see Replicating Data Between Continuously Connected Servers.