How to: Schedule Report and Subscription Processing (Reporting Services in SharePoint Integrated Mode)

You can schedule report and subscription processing for reports that run on a Reporting Services report server. Custom schedules can be defined for exclusive use with a particular report or subscription. You can also create a shared schedule that can be defined once and then referenced by multiple reports and subscriptions. You can create or modify a schedule at any time. However, if a schedule begins to run before you have completed your modifications, the earlier version of the schedule is used. The revised schedule does not take effect until you save it.

Before you can schedule data or subscription processing for a report, you must configure the report data source to use stored credentials or the unattended report processing account. If you use stored credentials, you can only store one set of credentials, and they will be used by all users who run the report. The credentials can be a Windows user account or a database user account.

The unattended report processing account is a special-purpose account that is configured on the report server. It is used by the report server to connect to remote computers when a scheduled operation requires the retrieval of an external file or processing. If you configure the account, you can use it to connect to external data sources that provide data to a report.

To specify stored credentials or the unattended report processing account, edit the data source properties of the report. If the report uses a shared data source, edit the shared data source instead.

To configure a report for unattended report processing

  1. If the library is not already open, click its name on the Quick Launch. If the name of your library does not appear, click View All Site Content, and then click the name of your library.

  2. Point to the report.

  3. Click the down arrow, and select Manage Data Sources.

  4. Click the data source name.

  5. In Authentication Settings, click Stored.

  6. Enter a user name and password.

  7. If the user name and password are for a Windows account, select Use as Windows credentials.

  8. Click OK.

To schedule subscription processing

  • Create a subscription, and choose a shared schedule or create a custom schedule in the Delivery Event section of the subscription.

To schedule report processing