How to: Export a Report (Reporting Services in SharePoint Integrated Mode)

When you open a report from a SharePoint site, it opens in HTML. To view a report in another application, you can export it.

The report is exported using the data and layout that is current for the report. If a report author publishes an updated version of the report while you have it open, the updated version is ignored.

Exporting a report is an on-demand task that you perform when the report is open. However, if you want to always see a report in a particular application format, create a subscription that delivers the report to a library or to a shared folder. Within the subscription, you can specify output options so that the report is delivered as an application file to the location you specify. For more information, see Exporting Reports (Report Builder 3.0 and SSRS).


Not all application formats work well for every report. In some cases, a report author might have designed a report with a particular format in mind. If you choose a different format, the appearance or behavior of the report might be different from what you expect. For example, for large reports that span multiple pages, you can expect to see different pagination when you export the report to another format. Similarly, reports that include visual content or interactive features (such as hyperlinks, or areas that expand and collapse) might not have those features in the exported report.

How to export a report

  1. Open the library or a folder within a library where the report is saved.

  2. Click Documents.

  3. Click the report that you want to export.

    The report runs and is rendered in HTML format.

  4. On the Actions menu of the report toolbar, point to Export. If the report toolbar is not visible, it has been hidden on purpose and you cannot use the functionality it provides.

  5. Select a format.

    The report opens in the associated application. The file associations defined for the local computer determine which application is used for a particular rendering format.