IDTSBuffer100.SetStatus Method

Sets the status information of a column in an IDTSBuffer100.

Namespace:  Microsoft.SqlServer.Dts.Pipeline.Wrapper
Assembly:  Microsoft.SqlServer.DTSPipelineWrap (in Microsoft.SqlServer.DTSPipelineWrap.dll)


Sub SetStatus ( _
    hRow As Integer, _
    hCol As Integer, _
    dbStatus As UInteger _
Dim instance As IDTSBuffer100
Dim hRow As Integer
Dim hCol As Integer
Dim dbStatus As UInteger

instance.SetStatus(hRow, hCol, dbStatus)
void SetStatus(
    int hRow,
    int hCol,
    uint dbStatus
void SetStatus(
    [InAttribute] int hRow, 
    [InAttribute] int hCol, 
    [InAttribute] unsigned int dbStatus
abstract SetStatus : 
        hRow:int * 
        hCol:int * 
        dbStatus:uint32 -> unit 
function SetStatus(
    hRow : int, 
    hCol : int, 
    dbStatus : uint


  • dbStatus
    Type: System.UInt32
    The status information of the column.


This method is used to set the status information for a column in the IDTSBuffer100 using the flags in the DTPSTATUSENUM. If the buffer is not created with the BUFF_NOOLEDB flag, then the only acceptable status value is DTPSTATUS_OK or DTPSTATUS_ISNULL.