Monitoring (Analysis Services - Data Mining)

You can monitor the performance of your data mining solution by using SQL Server Profiler. SQL Server Profiler provides you with a window on what the server is doing during processing and query resolution. System Monitor, also called Performance Monitor (PerfMon), gives you a view of system performance.

For more information, see Monitoring (Analysis Services - Multidimensional Data).

The following topics explain aspects of monitoring Analysis Services that are related to data mining.



Using SQL Server Profiler to Monitor Analysis Services

Shows how trace events are used by database administrators to monitor service activity and to playback prior sessions. Also, includes sub-topic on relevant Event Classes for programmatic implementations.

Querying the Data Mining Schema Rowsets (Analysis Services - Data Mining)

Provides examples of how to use queries to find information about data mining objects on a particular instance of Analysis Services.

SQL Server 2005 Integration Services: A Strategy for Performance

Provides real-world examples of monitoring operations in a large Analysis Services deployment.