Solution Design Considerations for Network Topologies

Because Reporting Services architecture is primarily a Web-based reporting solution, you can deploy it in intranet, extranet, and Internet topologies that rely on browser connections to access centralized content and applications. For intranet deployment, you can use the full range of tools and applications with little or no customization. For best results in an extranet or Internet deployment scenario, you should create or deploy custom features that allow users to access reports and report server items over a public network connection.

In This Section

  • Planning for Intranet Deployment
    Describes the characteristics of an intranet deployment and how name resolution and the existing security infrastructure allow you to deploy an installation with minimal configuration, using "off the shelf" features and components.

  • Planning for Extranet or Internet Deployment
    Recommends a deployment configuration for extranet or Internet access, provides general guidelines for a deployment strategy, and describes a defense-in-depth strategy for segmenting computing resources among multiple firewalls.