How to: Open Reports and Application Pages on a SharePoint Site (SharePoint Integrated Mode)

When you configure a report server for SharePoint integrated mode, you can view and manage reports, report models, shared data sources, and subscriptions from the application pages of a SharePoint site.

In a deployment of a SharePoint product or technology, Reporting Services features can be found in the following tools and pages:

  • In Central Administration, in the Application Management tab, you can access pages in the Reporting Services section to configure server integration. You can also access the Site Actions | Site Settings page to activate the report server integration features or manage shared schedules at the site collection level.

  • On a SharePoint site:

    • Pages for viewing or managing properties, subscriptions, and processing options become available in the list of actions for a report or item you add to a library.

    • The New menu of a library includes actions for creating Report Builder reports, shared data sources, and report models after you register content types on the library.

    • The Site Actions | Site Settings page provides access to application pages for creating and managing shared schedules.


Before you can open reports or manage items on a SharePoint site, you must have the following prerequisites installed or configured on your computer:

To view reports

  1. Open the SharePoint site.

  2. On the Home page, click View All Site Content.

  3. In Document Libraries, click the library that contains the reports you published or uploaded.

  4. In the library, click the report name to view the report.

To open property pages for report server items

  1. Open the library that contains the report, report model, or shared data source.

  2. Click the item to select it.

  3. Click the down arrow that appears when you select the item.

For more information about navigating a SharePoint site and viewing report server items, see Viewing and Managing Report Server Items from a SharePoint Site.

To open a shared schedule application page

  1. Log on as a site administrator.

  2. Click Site Actions.

  3. Click Site Settings.

  4. Click Modify All Site Settings.

  5. In the Reporting Services section, click Manage Shared Schedules.

  6. Click the name of a shared schedule to view or modify date, time, and recurrence settings.

To open server management pages

  1. Click Start, click Administrative Tools, and then click SharePoint 3.0 Central Administration.

  2. Click Application Management.

  3. In the Reporting Services section, click links to open configuration pages.