How to: Create a Resource Pool (SQL Server Management Studio)

You can create a resource pool by using SQL Server Management Studio. Use the following steps to create a resource pool named poolAdmin. This pool uses the default settings provided by Resource Governor.

To create a resource pool.

  1. In Object Explorer, recursively expand the Management node down to and including Resource Governor.

  2. Right-click Resource Governor, and then click New Resource Pool. This opens the Resource Governor Properties page.

  3. In the Resource pools grid, click the first column in the empty row. This column is labeled with an asterisk (*).

  4. Double-click the empty cell in the Name column. Type in the name that you want to use for the resource pool. For this example, use the name poolAdmin.

  5. To exit the property page and create the pool, click OK.

  6. You can verify that the new pool exists by using Object Explorer. Recursively open the Resource Governor node down to and including Resource Pools. A folder named poolAdmin has been created after System Resource Pools.


Expand poolAdmin. You will see a folder named Workload Groups. This folder will contain the workload groups that you create in poolAdmin.