Learning PowerShell

There are several Windows PowerShell learning resources for SQL Server users who are not familiar with Windows PowerShell.

TechNet Scripting Center

The TechNet Scripting Center includes many resources for learning the basics of using Windows PowerShell. It also contains script repositories with samples of scripts commonly used with various Microsoft products. The following table shows the main learning resources:



Windows PowerShell Documentation on TechNet

This section of the TechNet Library contains Web copies of the core Windows PowerShell Get-Help topics. The section also has Web copies of the Windows PowerShell Getting Started document, the PowerShell.exe help, and a Windows PowerShell primer.

Scripting With Windows PowerShell

The home page for Windows PowerShell scripting learning resources.

Windows PowerShell Owner's Manual

Web-based guide for getting started with Windows PowerShell.

Windows PowerShell Graphical Help File

Downloadable help file that includes the Windows PowerShell Get-Help information built into a searchable help file. The file includes the Get-Help information that ships in Windows PowerShell 1.0. It does not include Get-Help information for other products, such as the SQL Server provider and cmdlets, or the Exchange 2007 cmdlets.

Windows PowerShell Quick Reference

Downloadable copy of the Quick Reference document installed with Windows PowerShell 1.0.

PowerShell Documents

Windows PowerShell 1.0 installs the following documents in a Documents folder in the Windows PowerShell 1.0 program group. They can also be installed after downloading the Windows PowerShell 1.0 Documentation Pack.




Describes how to start using Windows PowerShell. Also available online in the MSDN Library.


A primer for the Windows PowerShell environment and language.


A printable quick reference document for the commonly used Windows PowerShell syntax and commands. Also available as a download from the TechNet Scripting Center.

MSDN Library

The MSDN Library has information for developers who are building Windows PowerShell providers and cmdlets:



Windows PowerShell Getting Started Guide

Web copy of the Getting Started document installed with Windows owerShell 1.0.

Windows PowerShell Programmer's Guide

Describes how to develop Windows PowerShell providers and cmdlets.

PowerShell Managed Reference

Reference documentation for the programming interface used to develop Windows PowerShell providers and cmdlets.

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