SqlSmoObject.ImplInitialize Method

Initializes the fields of the SqlSmoObject object.

Namespace:  Microsoft.SqlServer.Management.Smo
Assembly:  Microsoft.SqlServer.Smo (in Microsoft.SqlServer.Smo.dll)


Protected Overridable Function ImplInitialize ( _
    fields As String(), _
    orderby As OrderBy() _
) As Boolean
Dim fields As String()
Dim orderby As OrderBy()
Dim returnValue As Boolean

returnValue = Me.ImplInitialize(fields, _
protected virtual bool ImplInitialize(
    string[] fields,
    OrderBy[] orderby
virtual bool ImplInitialize(
    array<String^>^ fields, 
    array<OrderBy^>^ orderby
abstract ImplInitialize : 
        fields:string[] * 
        orderby:OrderBy[] -> bool 
override ImplInitialize : 
        fields:string[] * 
        orderby:OrderBy[] -> bool 
protected function ImplInitialize(
    fields : String[], 
    orderby : OrderBy[]
) : boolean


  • fields
    Type: array<System.String[]
    An array of string values that specify the fields to initialize.

Return Value

Type: System.Boolean
A Boolean value, true if the method succeeds, otherwise false.