Monitoring Full-Text Search Activity on a Server Instance

Several dynamic management views and functions are useful monitoring full-text search activity on a server instance.

To view information about the full-text catalogs with in-progress population activity

To view current activity of a filter daemon host process

To view information about in-progress index populations

To view memory buffers in a memory pool that are used as part of a crawl or crawl range.

To view the shared memory pools available to the full-text gatherer component for a full-text crawl or a full-text crawl range

To view information about each full-text indexing batch

  • sys.dm_fts_outstanding_batches (Transact-SQL)


    The full-text gatherer works with the full-text crawl threads. It is responsible for scheduling and driving the population of full-text indexes, and also for monitoring full-text catalogs.

To view information about the specific ranges related to an in-progress population