Full-Text Index Properties (Schedules Page)

Use this page to view and create schedules for running a SQL Server Agent job that starts an incremental population of updates to the base table of the full-text index. If the base table or view does not contain a column of the timestamp data type, a full population is performed.

To view or change the properties of a full-text index

  • Schedules
    Lists each scheduled incremental population, if any, on the base table for the full-text index.

  • Name
    Displays the name of the each scheduled population.

  • Population Type
    Displays the type of each scheduled population.

  • Enabled
    Indicates whether the scheduled population is currently enabled or disabled.

  • Description
    Displays the description that was specified when the schedule was created.

  • New
    Click to create a new schedule for populating the full-text index.