Placeholder Properties Dialog Box, General (Report Builder 3.0)

Use the Placeholder Properties dialog box to change the value, ToolTip, and markup options of a placeholder within a text box.


  • Label
    Type a label for the placeholder. The label is displayed on the design surface only.

  • Value
    Type the value of the text box. This should be a field expression, other expression, or a label. Click the Expression (fx) button to edit the expression.

  • Tooltip
    Type text or an expression that evaluates to a ToolTip. Click the Expression (fx) button to edit the expression. The ToolTip appears when the user pauses the pointer over the item in the rendered report.

  • Markup type
    Select an option to indicate how the placeholder is rendered.

    • Plain Text   Display the placeholder as simple text. HTML is treated as literal text.

    • HTML   Display the placeholder as HTML. If the expression value of the placeholder contains valid HTML tags, these tags are rendered as HTML.