Map Point Properties Dialog Box, General

Select General on the Map Point Properties dialog box to change label, tooltip, and marker type options for the following map elements:

For more information, see How to: Change Map Legends, Color Scale, and Associated Rules (Report Builder 3.0 and SSRS).


  • Label text
    Type text or an expression that represents the label.

  • Placement
    Select a value or type an expression that represents the placement of the labels.

    • Bottom   Display the labels at the bottom of the polygon shape.

    • Top   Display the labels at the top of the polygon shape.

    • Right   Display the labels right-justified relative to the polygon shape.

    • Left   Display the labels left-justified relative to the polygon shape.

    • Center   Display the labels at the center of the polygon shape.

  • Tooltip
    Type a label or expression for the tooltip to be displayed when the mouse is hovered over a point.

  • Marker type
    Select a marker type. By default, the marker type is Circle.

  • Marker size
    Select a marker size. By default, the marker size is 10pt.