Rules Legend Page, Map Dialog Boxes

Use the Legends page for color rules, size rules, width rules, and marker type rules to specify which values to display in each map legend. By default, all legend items created by rules appear in the first legend. You can create additional legends for the map and use the options on this page to specify in which legend to display the set of items created by this rule.

For more information, see How to: Change Map Legends, Color Scale, and Associated Rules (Report Builder 3.0 and SSRS).


  • Show in color scale
    Select this option to display the rule distribution upper and lower range in the Color Scale.

  • Show in this legend
    Select the name of the legend report item to use to display the ranges.

    To remove ranges from a legend, select the top blank line.

  • Legend text
    Specify an expression to be shown in the legend. By default, legend text contains map keywords that represent the start and end range values for the rule, and an appended format string. For example, #FROMVALUE{N0} - #TOVALUE{N0}.

    To format numbers in the legend, append a .NET Framework format string to the keyword. For example, {N2} specifies a number with two decimal places.