Troubleshooting Data-tier Applications

Data-tier application (DAC) troubleshooting occurs primarily when extracting, deploying, or deleting the DAC.

Finding DAC Error Information

The wizards for extracting, deploying, and deleting a DAC report errors in these ways:

  • If a value specified in a property box has an error, such as a duplicate DAC name or file name, the wizard displays a red invalid entry icon to the right of the box and deactivates the Next button. If you mouse over the icon, the wizard displays a tooltip with the error message. When you correct the problem, the invalid entry icon is removed and the Next button reactivated.

  • The final page of each wizard reports the results of each step of the management action.

  • Any step that encountered an error will have a link in the Result column, when you select the link the wizard displays the error returned by that step.

  • If you select the Save Report button, you can save an HTML file that reports the results of each step in the action, including all error messages generated by the action.

  • The Database Engine records the results of each step of an extract, deploy, or delete DAC action in a system table, you can query the table for any errors returned be the steps in the action. For more information, see sysdac_history_internal (Transact-SQL).

Troubleshooting DAC Objects

Troubleshooting a DAC that has been successfully deployed focuses primarily on the database contained in the DAC. Use standard Database Engine troubleshooting techniques for analyzing problems such as poor performance, problems with queries that reference objects in the database, and database connections. For more information, see Troubleshooting Concepts (Database Engine).