Generate and Publish Scripts Wizard F1 Help

Use this wizard to create Transact-SQL scripts based on objects from a database in either a local instance of the SQL Server Database Engine or SQL Azure. You can save the scripts to the location of your choice, and later use them to recreate the database objects and data in another instance of the Database Engine, or in SQL Azure. Create scripts for an entire database, or limit it to specific database objects and their data. You can also use the wizard to publish the selected objects to a remote Web hosting provider that has installed the SQL Server Database Publishing Services.


Functionality from the Publish Database Wizard has been added to this wizard. The Publish Database Wizard has been discontinued. To use the publishing feature, you must have access to a Web service that was created by a Web hoster using the SQL Server Database Publishing Services. For more information, see the Database Publishing Services download page.

You select the database to use as the source by navigating to the node for the database in the SQL Server Management Studio Object Explorer. You then launch the wizard by right-clicking the database node, pointing to Tasks, and then clicking Generate Scripts.

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