Exporting Data (Master Data Services)

To export master data for use in subscribing systems, you can use the Master Data Manager Web application to create views in the Master Data Services database.

These views are called subscription views; they are standard views that can be used by any subscribing system. For more information about views, see Understanding Views.

When you create a view, you choose from a set of standard view formats that Master Data Services provides. You can use these formats to create views that show:

  • All leaf members and their attributes.

  • All consolidated members and their attributes.

  • All collections and their attributes.

  • The members explicitly added to a collection.

  • The members in a derived hierarchy, in either a parent child or level format.

  • The members in all explicit hierarchies for an entity, in either a parent child or level format.

After you create a subscription view for an entity or hierarchy, you cannot change the associated model objects in Master Data Manager. You may also need to regenerate a subscription view in Master Data Manager to reflect changes to model objects. The Changed column on the Export page is updated to True when model objects change. True indicates that you should edit the subscription view and save it, which regenerates the view.